"The Best Professional and Scientific Standards"


Al Jonah Training Centre, an affiliate of Prospect Education and Development Company (Al Batani), is founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 2006.  Al Jonah offers training programs that cover various aspects of business requirements.

Al Jonah exerts extensive efforts to be recognized as Saudi Arabia’s number one training provider for both public and private sectors.

Al Jonah aspires to be the most efficient centre in the field of business training. Al Jonah hopes to reach that rank through providing distinguished expertise to our clients. This high standard service stems from our perceptions of the latest developments in our fields.

Al Jonah offers distinguished certified courses that meet the highest qualitative and professionally oriented standards. Our aim is to upgrade the efficiency of public and private sectors employees. This, in turn, will enable benefiting agencies to achieve their objectives through improved employees' performance. Al Jonah seeks to provide continuous, innovative courses that offer added value to our clients’ businesses. Al Jonah’s day-to-day activity is guided by the values of integrity, social responsibility, innovation, excellence, differentiation, and resilience.