Financial Risk Manager (FRM®)

What is Financial Risk Manager (FRM®)? 

The Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) examination is administered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals™ (GARP®) and the FRM® designation is the globally recognized standard for those who manage risk.

The FRM designation is the most globally respected certification for financial risk management, owing to a rigorous program that ensures that Certified FRMs have mastered the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in today's rapidly changing global financial industry.

There are over 32,000 Certified FRMs practicing worldwide.

The Value of Financial Risk Manager (FRM®

FRM Certification - is the best known and most respected designation for financial risk management

FRM Certification - differentiates you from your peers, providing you with a competitive advantage
                                 with colleagues, clients and prospective employers

FRM Certification - boosts your credibility in the field of financial risk management

FRM Certification - expand your knowledge and understanding of the latest financial risk concepts

FRM Certification - develops your knowledge and expertise and demonstrates your leadership

FRM Certification - join a community of over 32,000 FRM holders representing 46 of the 50 largest
                                banks and institutions 

FRM® Examination Structure and Content 

The FRM program is divided into two parts. The FRM Exam Part I and Part II cover a spectrum of topics in financial risk management.

 Note: The FRM® Part I and Part II exams are held twice a year, in May and November. It is the responsibility of the candidate to register with GARP® for exam entry. Details of registration can be found on the GARP website.

Who should enroll? 
  • Students who want to enter the finance risk profession
  • Any graduate who wants to make his career in the risk management
  • Finance risk professionals who want to enhance their professional abilities
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Senior Risk Analyst
  • Head of Operational Risk
  • Credit Analyst
  • Investment Risk Management Professionals
  • Career changers (non-risk professionals) to gain broader professional expertise and to make a career change into the finance risk profession
Requirements and Eligibility 
  • There is no professional or education eligibility requirement for registering for FRM exam.
  • However to get FRM certification, one needs to show a minimum of (2) two years of professional full-time work experience in the area of financial risk management or another related field including, but not limited to trading, portfolio management, faculty academic, industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting, and/or risk technology. 
  • A passing score on the FRM® Examination (on each of the two levels of the certi­ficate).
  • Active membership in the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).
  • Candidates have 5 years, from the date of passing the FRM Exam, to get their work experience verified.
  • If one fails to provide this information within the 5 year time frame, the candidate needs to retake the FRM Exam in order to become a FRM certification holder. 
Why study with Al Jonah?

Al Jonah Training Center teaching methodology will boost your chances of success passing the FRM Certification through personal interaction with our registered FRM Professionals and TOP FRM instructors. Our FRM practitioners use a study process, materials and preparation notes that comprehensively cover all study sessions of the program. 

Our live classroom teaching focuses on examination and includes practice test and Mock Exam. Al Jonah trainings and examination preparation courses are conducted in conducive learning facilities to help students focus on the exam. Classroom review process are conducted lively and interactive.     

Our training schedules are suitable for working professionals who do not want to leave their workstation for long month's in-order to prepare for the exam.  Our study classes (30 to 60 Hours maximum) schedules are set up on weekdays or weekends consisting of (3) three hours per day and (2) two times a week. 

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