Category Management
Title Emotional Intelligence
Date July 15, 2018 to July 19, 2018
Venue Dubai
Fee 7550.00 SAR

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Who Should Attend

  • This program is suitable for company executives and managers as well as front-line employees and is designed to match your specific requirements

Program Objectives

  • Understand their own thinking and emotional patterns in workplace situations
  • Become aware of personal emotional intelligence ‘blind spots’
  • Enhance their self-awareness and ability to manage themselves more effectively
  • Apply emotional intelligence skills to motivate and empower others
  • Understand the power of motivation within individuals and teams
  • Solve pressing problems more easily, quickly and effectively
  • Communicate more powerfully and precisely to influence others
  • Demonstrate empathy in challenging situations
  • Understand why personal fears and mood swings materialize
  • Build strong, open and honest relationships

Program Outlines

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotionally Intelligent Behavior
  • Identifying the Need For Change
  • The Psychology of Change
  • Creativity and Management
  • Producing Creative Ideas
  • Creativity Tools
  • Selling Creative Ideas