Category Management
Title Leadership and Corporate Accountability
Date January 19, 2020 to January 23, 2020
Venue Dubai
Fee 7550.00 SAR

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Who Should Attend

  • General Managers—deputy, assistant, or divisional.
  • Senior vice presidents and vice presidents—divisional, regional, or corporate.
  • Directors—executive, managing, or divisional.
  • Heads of business units and divisions.
  • Managers.
  • Partners.
  • C-level executives 

Program Objectives

  • You will learn about the management and governance systems that business leaders can use to promote responsible corporate conduct.
  • You will analyze how economics, law, psychology, and organizational behaviour influence decisions and shape leaders.
  • This program will enhance your capacity to lead effectively in a changing global society.
  • You will learn how to integrate your company's financial needs, legal requirements, and ethical responsibilities in the process of making prudent and principled decisions.
  • You will interact with other accomplished business leaders to analyze the actions of real-world organizations confronted by complex challenges. 

Program Outlines 

  • Define  the concept of responsibility and accountability
  • Establish guidelines for making ethical decisions and Examine your responsibilities as a decision maker
  • How can you test your decisions for integrity and objectivity? 
  • The fundamental principles for business conduct
  • How will you meet your responsibilities in the face of time pressure and Uncertainty and hostile circumstances. 
  • Apply a decision framework to analyze your economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities.
  • Linking values and integrity in management to corporate social responsibility and accountability 
  • Governance concept
  • The basic elements of an effective system of strategic corporate  
  • The basic internal and external governance tools can you use to
  • Ensure your organization and its members make good on their Responsibilities?
  • Prepare your organization to avert or manage a crisis 
  • Talking about leadership from many dimensions and Leadership responsibilities 
  • How leaders can translate their  responsibilities into sustainable long-term
  • Profitable firm performance