Category Management
Title Become the Leader you want to be
Date June 9, 2019 to June 13, 2019
Venue Dubai
Fee 7550.00 SAR

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Who Should Attend 

  • Senior and middle managers with previous management development experience who are keen to improve their range of effective leadership behaviors
  • Business unit managers and Project managers. 

Program Objectives 

  • On completion of this training your participants will be able to answer the following questions:
    • Who is the leader?
    • What do we mean by "moving from vision to action"?
    • What are managerial functions from leadership perspective?
    • What are Leaders sources of power and kind of authorities?
    • What are basic leadership styles?
    • What do we mean by horizontal leadership instrument? 

Program Outlines

  • Leadership (Basic concepts) Who is the leader?
  • The process of leading a teamwork (moving from vision to action)
  • Managerial functions from leadership perspective
  • Leadership and Empowerment
  • Leadership and the source of power
  • Leadership and kind of authorities
  • Leadership styles and contingency approach 
  • Leadership and motivating employees
  • Needs - Motivation theories
  • Incentives – Motivation theories
  • Leadership and change organizational behavior
  • What do we mean by Organizational behavior?
  • What do we mean by horizontal leadership instrument?